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Texas isn't like the Sanctuary State of California.

In The Mood For..- Nicole Aniston PMV

In The Mood For..- Nicole Aniston PMV

I got mine!" Republican attitude. It iis used for destructive behavior.

Don't think they exist. Any world that requires people to lie for a religion will always have depression, guilt and unhappiness. USUALLY in these types of situations. Well OJ I guess you'll just have to get TRIGGERED and go full apesht like the left wing does.

("I like people who don't get caught"). That and politics. Crime has rocketed. So it is unnatural for religions to even exist. This is speaking of the Celestial coming to the earth.

If that is the case then Centipede would be everyone's master. But, Mueller isn't running for office. So then you would rather put your faith into the interpretation Hot Brunette Babe theologians, regardless of their nefarious intent, disregarding the gift of the Spirit of Truth given at Pentecost.

COINTELPRO to my certain knowledge and experience, (I ddn't know the name until decades later) put undercover cops into groups and set up leaders, and acted as agent provocateur to lead the groups into chaos.

:) Hey wonderful Pud--I just marked a discussion as spam but didn't ban as I usually do--can you double check it.

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  1. Faugor 5 months ago

    Bazinga Rides Off into The Sunset.

  2. Doctor giving exam videos
    Meztizilkree 5 months ago


  3. Знакомства
    Yozshusho 5 months ago

    and the payday loan people are really doing some damage. i think the us. is the worst in saving money. i know i had lots of money,, and a reckless wife to spend it. and know im broke,, and the wolf is always at the door. and nobody but me to blame.

  4. Doctor giving exam videos
    Douk 5 months ago

    They are still on,who knew?

  5. Juktilar
    Juktilar 5 months ago

    i agree Meng. It's ridiculous.

  6. Guzshura
    Guzshura 5 months ago

    Thank you. I'll read these.

  7. Shakarisar
    Shakarisar 4 months ago

    No, I said postcard

  8. Vitaur 4 months ago

    Axl made being Trans cool... 😜

  9. Vudom
    Vudom 4 months ago


  10. Doctor giving exam videos
    Tygoktilar 4 months ago

    hi .. chicky :)

  11. Doctor giving exam videos
    Moogut 4 months ago

    Thanx James, a friend made that.😊

  12. Voodoozshura
    Voodoozshura 3 months ago

    Oof. Nah I'm fine. XD

  13. Mujind
    Mujind 3 months ago

    Too little too late, bah, delete article...

  14. Taukazahn
    Taukazahn 3 months ago

    yw :)

  15. Знакомства
    Vitaxe 3 months ago

    No offence...pervert wait no...loli

  16. Daigami
    Daigami 3 months ago

    sed :'

  17. Doctor giving exam videos
    Nam 3 months ago

    No one! Hahaha

  18. Meztilrajas
    Meztilrajas 2 months ago

    Ohk lol

  19. Nikogal
    Nikogal 2 months ago

    I get this.

  20. Знакомства
    Yozshuzshura 2 months ago

    And an EMP needs to stay a consideration.

  21. Malamuro
    Malamuro 2 months ago

    Thank you!

  22. Kataur
    Kataur 2 months ago

    Lol! Glad you like it!

  23. Aralkree
    Aralkree 1 month ago


  24. Basida 1 month ago

    see ya sorrow

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Doctor giving exam videos
Doctor giving exam videos