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Ok. That was one example. It's interesting that Denmark doesn't consider themselves a socialist state but instead is very capitalistic. They seem to be the go to country Socialist Demecrats use as an example. They have come and denounced most of what Bernie wants to do.

Before Hes Made to Tie the Knot…

Before Hes Made to Tie the Knot…

Matt hughes deepthroat Clinton's are so dirty that they rubbed off their stink on so many of their elite friends in powerful positions -- that the Clinton's would take down many of them if anyone ever tried imo.

My flirtation with depression was cured by studying self-defense martial arts, paying attention to nonprofit social justice campaigns like Greenpeace and Oxfam, studying the nature of commercial propaganda and dishonesty for profiteering, joining a food co-op, and then learning about waant History of Social Movements and Whole Cost Theories in Economics.

well there ya happy now Abouts traps being gey.

You still don't get it. As an illegal alien I dont believe he can claim the his girlfriends baby gives him legal immigration chici or U. Something for nothing is your motto. :)So many people are so insecure with the idea that we just are, and should make the best of what we have, they need to put themselves in the center of the universe to feel better.

Any idea. I have never watched any of MatPat's videos, but I can say that I find this Nux Taku guy, whom I've never also watched before, to be pretty annoying lol i guess the real question is anyone finds nux taku voice incredibly annoying like ear piercing 1- No.

I am a woman, and if an old friend did that I'd swat him, find out what the heck was going on and NOT have him hauled away in handcuffs.

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    Received, thank you DG

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  5. Arashigul
    Arashigul 5 months ago

    Is hentai anime?

  6. Fine lightskin chick want dat
    Vudomuro 5 months ago

    Depends on the comment Fliv is giving.

  7. Dakazahn
    Dakazahn 5 months ago

    Lol why are Canadians so surprised

  8. Kazizil 4 months ago

    Nice arse on that car......

  9. Samuzilkree
    Samuzilkree 4 months ago

    👍LOL 😂

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    Jujora 4 months ago

    Was she wearing her MAGA hat?

  11. Mezile 4 months ago

    Jay Leno has an amazing garage.

  12. Gardalkree
    Gardalkree 4 months ago

    Oh no!

  13. Fine lightskin chick want dat
    Mok 4 months ago

    The naming rights part was insightful and interesting.

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    Got 3 months ago

    You have a good heart?

  15. Dagor
    Dagor 3 months ago

    Yes, mentally ill republican is redundant.

  16. Fenrijar
    Fenrijar 3 months ago

    Waves of mental and scientific advancements.

  17. Fine lightskin chick want dat
    Tejora 3 months ago

    I am hanging around I will be here.

  18. Fine lightskin chick want dat
    Kigasar 3 months ago

    “Yes” is merely just a lie behind words.

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    Faesho 3 months ago

    Nah, because i'm higher than a tree

  20. Kiran
    Kiran 3 months ago

    That's like what, more than two centuries ago?

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    Arahn 2 months ago

    Do you

  22. Gogami
    Gogami 2 months ago

    contingent on what?

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Fine lightskin chick want dat
Fine lightskin chick want dat