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My 1st time at a glory hole

My 1st time at a glory hole

It used to be if someone hit a senior citizen it would just be simple assault, but now it's a felony in most cases and can be considered battery depending on the state you live in. As predicted, Australia has a new Prime Minister: Scott Morrison.

I left because of the entitled BS of many other officers. She worked up until a month before she died.

Convolution is their modus operandi, and they dont just push the envelope, they incinerate it. Yeah, it sure was. Especially the no kill shelters.

wake up from your dream, if you dare. A girl, smiling and I looked exactly like her too. each day I am told that 3000 Muslims covert to Christ. Once I left school I only needed SummerWinter dress and Utilities.

Go study before you say something stupid like you did. Some non-Christian religions like Buddhism do not "hate" the Devil (or Gajg functional equivalents in local cultures). In Libya, yes, our meddling did iternal lot of harm. It's the one with the Peeps candy pitcher. But saying that " vote for me is a vote to impeach", is not necessarily a good thing internap sway some moderate voters.

The picture brings back some pretty melancholy memories.

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    Mojas 6 months ago

    Nicole Byer

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  3. Daill
    Daill 5 months ago

    Hey Red.

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    Nikozragore 5 months ago


  5. Akinole
    Akinole 5 months ago

    More than sober 😉

  6. Gogore
    Gogore 5 months ago

    smart answer lol

  7. Tojarisar
    Tojarisar 5 months ago

    Amazing :D

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  9. Doucage
    Doucage 4 months ago

    disgusting but somehow fitting.

  10. Mam
    Mam 4 months ago

    Because the thread demands it.

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    Duzshura 4 months ago

    I just told my wife about this.

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    Midal 4 months ago

    Lets rephrase it:

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    Mazushura 4 months ago

    Winter probably.

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    Dusida 3 months ago

    But you just joined rk yesterday

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    Tojacage 3 months ago

    Very true

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    Nizahn 3 months ago

    They are really good

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    Tojaran 3 months ago

    You are already nice tho....^~^

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